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Technical information regarding the use of Clay Bricks are available on the Claybrick Association's website at

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26 March 2012 - Clay brick final report - Masonry Insulation Sulutions

An investigation into sustainable thermal insulation solutions for masonry walling to meet present South African Regulatory requirements and standards.

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Building Contractors Pocket Handbook is pleased to provide this builders pocket manual which has been designed as a quick handy reference guide to most of the basic principles required for planning, setting out, and constructing new buildings.

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Clay brick technical guide

The contents of this guide contains information compiled and edited to provide designers and specifies with a logical and practical reference to clay bricks and brickwork, wherever possible, reference is made to codes of practice and officially recognized standards as well as accepted authorities and experts in their fields.

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Flexible Segmental Clay Paving

Technical brochure on the specification and use Flexible Segmental Clay Paving...

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Language of Clay Bricks

This leaflet provides brick terminology and specifications

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Green Building

In recent years there has been growing world-wide concern for energy conservation, the reduction of greenhouse gases and sustainability. Designing and constructing an energy efficient house has the potential to substantially reduce the amount of energy consumed. For research on the energy efficiency of clay brick in green construction visit the website.

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GBCSA Green Star Rating Systems

Green Star SA is a rating system used to assess the design and construction of various building types, from an environmental and human health perspective, and is developed by the Green Building Council of South Africa.

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How to clean Clay Brick Paving

Clay paving provides a durable, hardwearing surface but, like any surfacing material, this may suffer from time to time from staining, due to general trafficking and contamination from other sources. Due to the nature of construction, there may also be some vegetation growing in the joints, or on the paving themselves in shaded areas or areas subject to long periods of dampness. As for any other surfacing material regular maintenance and good cleaning practice will enhance the overall appearance of the paving.

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News Releases for 2011

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